NetSupport 24-7 - Testimonials

"When we started testing NetSupport 24-7 in January we were very suprised by the ease of use of this service. Our only remarks concerning the lack of proxy support where resolved and added very quickly by NetSupport.

The decision to subsribe was then taken rather quickly too.

Both we as administrators and our customers are very satisfied with this superb product, which in the little time we have used it, has already saved us many unnecessairy kilometers."

"Having customers with very different levels of computer knowledge, the ability to take remote control of a customers computer is a true blessing.

This feature was the main reason we chose NetSupport 24-7. Our customers are impressed by the functionality, and by its speed."

"Once we started providing the NetSupport 24-7 service to our customers, the time it takes to come to a resolution has dropped dramatically. This makes customers much happier. I have had comments like:

"This is SO cool !", "Wow, you can do that ?" and "Thanks for taking care of this so quickly!"

The additional feedback we?ve received from our customers is priceless."

"We provide on-line help to our customers and we needed to have remote access to their computers. In this sense, NetSupport 24-7 is perfect because our customers, who often are not advanced users, can easily grant us access to their machines thus allowing us to solve their problems quickly.

Additionally, this same remote control feature allows us to update the files required to carry out our services. NetSupport 24-7 is ideal for support Hotlines."

"As one of the South East's leading independent IT reseller and support companies we required a comprehensive software support solution for servicing our remote clients.

NetSupport 24-7 ticked all our boxes. It had the functionality and price point that we were looking for."

"NetSupport 24-7 has reduced our onsite visits dramatically as we now only need to visit clients that have no internet connectivity.

Using NetSupport 24-7 is invaluable as we can now access clients from virtually any computer, anywhere, anytime and it is no longer essential to carry a laptop."

"....we have welcomed this new technology and it has helped improve both our response times and efficiency.

Our engineers can now respond to calls from anywhere in the world. NetSupport24-7 is a very powerful tool"

"Thanks to NetSupport 24-7, the problems with distances are gone! All our customers are within range instantly.

Our technicians who used to respond to customers within 4 hours, can now do it in minutes with a single click."

"A growing service provided to clients is IT support and so it was a natural choice to use NetSupport 24-7 to improve the resolution speed and quality of service to our clients.

Already our clients are noticing the benefit from the decrease in resolution times as we are no longer reliant on site visits to rectify problems."

"Digital Networks' Support Centers in the US and Europe can now support more customers, more quickly and at a lower cost by using NetSupport 24-7.

We use NetSupport 24-7 as a tool for both remote problem-solving and for customer training on our hardware and software products. We highly recommend it"

"We had been looking for a way to support our customers more efficiently for several weeks before coming across NetSupport 24-7. One of our goals was to provide a cost effective solution without compromising the quality of service our customers have come to expect. We were immediately impressed with the ease of use and features it provided.

The money we have saved in the first few weeks of using NetSupport 24-7 has paid for the entire year of service. NetSupport 24-7 is one of our best investments."

"Avoiding long phone client calls with lengthy explanations on "How to" has always been a goal of ours, we have now achieved our goal by subscribing to NetSupport 24-7.

Not only do we now resolve our customers problems more efficiently, and free up our phone lines for sales instead of support, but our clients also see how we did it, therefore the support session doubles up as a teaching aid."

"NetSupport 24-7 allows our Network Operations Center to respond to our clients instantaneously.

By using the front line chat session; followed up with the remote control capabilities we are able to quickly respond and resolve client issues."

"M2i selected NetSupport 24-7 after evaluating a number of on-line customer chat and remote support tools. NetSupport 24-7 provided the best mix of performance and functionality, offering remote control speeds far in excess of any alternative solutions.

It has already delivered significant operational savings for our business."

"NetSupport 24-7 is a brilliant solution for anybody doing technical software support. With NetSupport 24-7 we are saving money by resolving calls quicker, avoiding unnecessary driving and have lower telephone bills.

Our customers are very pleased with the improved call resolution time made possible by NetSupport 24-7."