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NetSupport DNA 4.40.0000 Product release
Maandag 30 Januari 2017, 11:30u
Update voor NetSupport DNA beschikbaar.
Overzicht nieuw en fixes (Engels):

This release of NetSupport DNA 4.40.0000 does not require a new license key and will work with an existing NetSupport DNA 4.00 License. Please find details on the changes included in this new version of NetSupport DNA below:

What's New
Education only
  • Integrated Remote Control, allowing View, File transfer, remote registry, command prompt, task manager and powershell.
  • Urgent keyword phrase category added to the priority list which will record the users screen activity if triggered
  • New Query date filter feature
  • eSafety recording component used in conjunction with urgent phrase category.
  • Enhanced phrase viewer with a new recordings tab that will display a recording of the users screen for a period of time before an urgent phrase was triggered and after giving you the context the phrase was typed in.

  • Corporate/Education
  • Audit Log component to track changes made to DNA installation and PCs by operators.
  • Vault component to safely store passwords/licenses in the DNA.
  • Mobile battery and wifi indicators in Explorer view.
  • Enhanced DNA console operator security.
  • New Database Maintenance tab to provide feedback on size of component tables to allow administrators to check when maintenance is required.
What's Fixed
  • (IN51773) Resolved an issue with exporting data from the query tool where all rows where not saved if using the Load All button.
  • (IN50545) Updated Internet and logon sessions to show that a session is still in progress.
  • (IN51493) Resolved issue with Keyword priorities where the Second change was not saved correctly.
  • (IN50848) Added the ability to print barcodes for manually created PCs.
  • (IN49574) Resolved an issue where Agents moving out of a domain were not correctly displayed in the console.
  • (IN51051) resolved issue where duplicate IP Addresses were causing remote control to connect to the wrong agent.
  • (IN51456) Fixed issue with eSafety reports that were reporting the owner of the PC as the currently logged on user.
  • (IN51948) New Languages added for Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish and Urdu (English build only).
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