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NetSupport Manager   12.50.0000 Product update
Woensdag 7 Juni 2017, 12:17u
Overzicht nieuw en fixes (Engels):

This version of NetSupport Manager is a chargeable update and requires a new version 12.50 license key.

What's New
  • New Android Remote Control Client Application for Android v4.0 and higher supporting TCP, HTTP connections, PIN Connection, Chat, Message, File transfer and View functionality.
  • New Remote PowerShell function.
  • New Client to Gateway IPv6 support.
  • New Microsoft Direct Access Connection IPv6 support for Gateway connections.
  • New Low Colour modes for viewing machines.
  • Enhanced Gateway configuration to support separate Client and Control Ports.
  • Enhanced File transfer speed performance.
  • Enhanced View performance on Windows 8 and higher.
  • Enhanced Inventory reporting of Processes and Running applications.

Whats Fixed
  • (IN52512) Resolved issue where Left shift hotkey for Auto logon does not work when connected to a client and attempting to logon as another user.
  • (IN35765) Resolved display issue in Remote command prompt when using non ASCII characters.
  • (IN39816) Fixed issue where pasting IP Address into connect by IP field would duplicate address.
  • (IN51721) Resolved software conflict with HTMLPrint which was crashing when NetSupport School Tutor was connected to students.
  • (IN35746) Resolved a text formatting issue when copying text into a Remote command prompt window.
  • (IN46384) Enhanced support for computer names greater than 15 characters in length.
  • (IN51128) fix blank screen on upgrade from windows 7 to windows 10 when viewing the logon screen.
  • (IN51128) Fix blank view window when logging onto Windows 10 for the first time after upgrading from Windows 7.
  • (IN51716) Fixed issue with Lesson Planner where URLS could not be longer than 32 characters.
  • (IN50610) Enhanced File transfer speeds to external Gateway Clients over Internet connections.
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