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NetSupport DNA 4.60.0000 is vrijgegeven en beschikbaar voor download
Woensdag 28 Maart 2018, 11:49u
NetSupport DNA version 4.60.0000 is available in the below language variants: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

This release of NetSupport DNA 4.60.0000 does not require a new license key and will work with an existing NetSupport DNA 4.50 License.
Overzicht nieuw en fixes (Engels):

What is new

Education only:
  • Enhanced Remote Control to support NetSupport Assist for Mac and NetSupport Manager 12.10 Mac Clients.
  • Enhanced Database Maintenance delete data to allow removal of eSafety Screenshots and Video.
  • Enhanced eSafety Phrase cloud window to allow viewing of screenshots directly from triggered phrases.

Education and Corporate only:
  • Enhanced Operator roles to allow multiple PC and User departments to be assigned.
  • Enhanced Agent User Interface to display the currently enforced profile for the Agent.
  • Enhanced PC Alerts to perform an action when triggered. Current actions include, Capture screenshot, run an application and take a recording of the PC.
  • Enhanced Activity View to display User activity graphically.
  • Enhanced File Resource Scan in Software Inventory to allow scanning for GDPR files.
  • NEW Desktop Warning PC Alert for system and application errors.
  • Enhanced Internet Restriction URL List to allow different restricted lists depending on Profile used.
  • Enhanced Activity View to allow console operator to access a website directly from the Activity view.
  • NEW Custom icon facility for Dynamic groups, Departments, PCs and users.

What is fixed
Education only:
  • Resolved issue with re-assigning concerns when using an eSafety contact with a custom role.
  • Fixed issue with DNA Server crashing when Mac Agents connected and sent eSafety data.
  • Updated Phrase match algorithm to better match keyword triggers.
  • Added Welsh Language keywords to eSafety.
  • Fixed False alarm notes to take up to 256 characters.
  • Fixed issue with eSafety False alarms being incorrectly displayed in Activity View.
  • Resolved a crash in the DNA Console when marking multiple eSafety Alerts as False Alarms.
Education and Corporate:
  • Resolved issue with sending software distribution packages to warehouses and warehouse agents.
  • Fixed issue with Application Restrictions being bypassed when application was renamed by users.
  • Resolved performance issue in console when selecting User view and accessing Database Maintenance.
  • Fixed Issue with Microsoft Edge not metering correctly when using latest version of Windows 10.
  • Updated Print monitor charts to display costs to 2 decimal places.
  • Updated Software Inventory and Query tool to display Software that is GDPR compliant.
  • Added warning to deleting an eSafety contact that any open concerns should be re-assigned or archived first.
  • Added a warning message to the DNA console when approaching the limit of SQL Express database.
  • Resolved an issue with right clicking on PCs taking a long time to display the context menu.
  • Resolved Issue with Active Directory Department names not being removed when Active Directory OU name had been changed.
  • Resolved an Issue with Active Directory synchronisation where Empty departments were still displaying in the DNA Console.
  • Resolved issue where User details alert was not showing the changes made at the agent.
  • Resolve problem with Network drive mapped/unmapped alert not working on Windows 10 Fall update.
  • Resolved performance issue with Assigning Active Directory profiles to users when all users are under one Organisational Unit.
  • Fixed a problem with Power on schedules where PCs would not power on if the time did not match that of the server.
  • Resolved AD profile assignment taking a long time to send to Agents.
  • Enhanced AD profile assignment to allow for settings to be inherited from parent AD Container.
  • Updated list of extensions for file resource scan to include modern Office Applications.
  • Resolved an issue with AUP which could result in users bypassing the policy and accessing the PC.
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