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NetSupport DNA versie 4.60.0002 is vrijgegeven en beschikbaar voor download Product release
Woensdag 11 Juli 2018, 11:19u
NetSupport DNA version 4.60.0002 has now been released and is available to download. This currently only available in English.

This release of NetSupport DNA 4.60.0002 does not require a new license key and will work with an existing NetSupport DNA 4.50 License.

Please find details on the fixes included in this new version of NetSupport DNA below:

Overzicht nieuw en fixes (Engels):

What's new
  • Updated Safeguarding contacts to only receive phrase triggered emails from students they are contacts for. See TD830 for confirmation information
    Education and Corporate
  • Updated USB Option to only allow DNA Operators to only be notified of USB approvals for the sites that they have access to in the DNA Hierarchy
What's fixed
  • Resolved issue with built-in webcams not getting disabled correctly.
  • Resolved an issue causing Internet metering for Edge 42 in Windows 10 update 1803 not to be collected.
  • Resolved an issue that could cause slow performance in Chrome Browser when moving tabs.
  • Fixed Issue with the console running on Remote Desktop not being able to reset users passwords through the Manage User Account option.
  • Resolved issue with AUPs appearing twice on Agent machines.
  • Fixed issue with user roles where it was not possible to grant or deny access to Power Management options.
  • Resolved issue saving email account details if using reserved characters in the password field.
  • Resolved Console crash when attempting to assign licenses to departments in Program Manager.
  • Resolved Crash at the DNA Server where corrupted Windows Hotfix data was sent from an Agent.
  • Resolved issue with PCs incorrectly switching to the lock screen when attempting to access folders
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